Berry and Product Recipes 

Uses for our shrubs, cordials, syrups and spreads are limited only by your imagination. Come up with your own concoctions or check out some of the delicious recipes below.


A few simple ideas for our shrubs and cordials

For your thirst - A little goes a long way. Pour a little in your water, seltzer, white wine, or prosecco for a flavor you won’t forget! If you are in the habit of carrying a refillable water bottle, you may want to try one of our shrubs or cordials as a healthful flavoring.

For your health - Drink a few sips straight,  in warm water or in your favorite tea during those winter months when you are feeling run down or a feel a cold coming on. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant!

For a sweet tooth - Drizzle a little over a bowl of ice cream, yogurt, fresh fruit or on your waffles. Add a touch to some of your favorite chocolate sauce or maple syrup for a decadent and oh-so-worth-it dessert topping.