About Our Products  

We craft our products in small batches in our own commercial kitchen using local fruit (including our black currants, raspberries and aronia) other mostly organic berries, and honey or organic sugar. We do not dilute our products. A little goes a long way! Check our recipe page for creative ideas.  

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Fruit Shrubs

A fruit shrub (from the Arabic ‘shrab’, meaning drink) is a drinking vinegar that was popular in colonial New England as a thirst quencher during haying season.   Our shrubs boast ¼ - ⅓ lb. of delicious, nutritious fruit juice in each bottle.  No water is added, so pour a splash into still or bubbly water, add to a cocktail or white wine or combine with extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing! We make 6-8 shrub varieties each season; our 2018 shrubs include:

Strawberry: strawberries, red wine vinegar and organic sugar
Strawberry-Rhubarb: strawberries, rhubarb, red wine vinegar, organic sugar
Raspberry - red raspberries, red wine vinegar and organic sugar
Raspberry Mint - raspberries, red wine vinegar, organic sugar, mint leaves,
Black raspberry - black raspberries, red wine vinegar and raw honey
Black & Blue - blackberries, blueberries, red wine vinegar and organic sugar
Brambleberry - blackberries, raspberries, red wine vinegar and organic sugar
Red Goose - gooseberries, raspberries, red wine vinegar and organic sugar  
Spiced Pear - pears, apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, molasses, spices
Crabapple - Ginger - crabapples, organic honey, red wine vinegar, fresh ginger

Black Currant Cordial

Kiss of Cassis, our black currant cordial, is concentrated fruit juice. Whole black currants (¾ lb per 8 oz bottle) are pressed and juiced and then honey is added until the tartness of the berry is balanced with the sweetness of honey. So black currants and honey -  that's all -  no added water or alcohol.  As with a shrub, you can use Kiss of Cassis in myriad ways: create a thirst-quenching beverage or special cocktail, drizzle over ice cream or yogurt or add to a marinade.


We make a variety of conserves, jams and chutneys. Fruit and honey: pure fruit goodness. In 2018 we are offering:

Triple Berry Blast: Aronia berries, blueberries, black currants, raw honey, cinnamon
Berry Noir: whole black currants, raw honey, arrowroot powder, cinnamon
Blueberry Lavender: blueberries, organic sugar, lemon juice, lavender        
Black and Blue:  black currants, blueberries, raw honey, arrowroot powder, cayenne
Raspberry: Raspberries, honey
Gooseberry Chutney:
gooseberries, honey, red wine vinegar, onions, ginger, cayenne pepper





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