Bug Hill Farm is a small berry farm in Ashfield, MA. We are best known for our PYO berries, fruit cordials, shrubs, and conserves. We craft our products from local fruit (including some of our black currants, raspberries and aronia) other mostly organic berries, and honey or organic sugar. We manage our land following organic and regenerative practices to grow nutrient dense berries and to foster native habitat for wildlife and pollinators. 

Starting our third year....

We are very excited to be starting our third year living and working at Bug Hill Farm. 

Hope to see you at the farm!

- Sam and Charlotte 

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PYO Preview

As has been the case in many parts of the country, it has been wet, wet, wet in Ashfield - all last fall and again this spring.  We've been concerned about water-logged roots, combined with a harsh winter, but most of our berries seem to have weathered the weather fairly well - black currants are especially tough!  The biggest loss was some of our majestic native blueberry bushes. We don't get many berries from them - hard to compete with the birds - but they are an integral part of the farm landscape, and we mourn their passing. 

While the berry bushes largely survived all the rain and put forth a generous array of buds and blossoms, there seems to be an alarming decrease in our pollinating friends this year.  Usually the farm is abuzz - literally - with the mesmerizing hum of bumblebees.  Not this spring. The worldwide decline in pollinators has been well documented, with neonicotinoid pesticides cited as a major cause.  (Learn more here.)  We are particularly disheartened because Bug Hill Farm is certified organic: We use no pesticides of any kind; nor are we near any likely source.  Maybe the bees are just waiting for better weather?  Meanwhile we celebrate every bumblebee we see and remain optimistic that the pollinators we do have are working overtime, transforming all those blossoms into berries.   We will let you know as the PYO season nears.

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