Bug Hill Farm is a small berry farm in Ashfield, MA. We are best known for our PYO berries, fruit cordials, shrubs, and conserves. We craft our products from local fruit (including some of our black currants, raspberries and aronia) other mostly organic berries, and honey or organic sugar. We manage our land following organic and regenerative practices to grow nutrient dense berries and to foster native habitat for wildlife and pollinators. 

Starting our third year....

We are very excited to be starting our third year living and working at Bug Hill Farm. 

Hope to see you at the farm!

- Sam and Charlotte 

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Raspberries - Finally!

With replacement of our greenhouse cover, lost to a fierce February wind, delayed until late May, we knew the fall raspberries would be a bit tardy this year.


We've been picking a few pints a day for a number of weeks, and the harvest has finally ramped up to 4-6 pints/day - hopefully on the way to 10-12. Enough now to invite pickers, though we strongly recommend that you call ahead and reserve a time to pick, especially if you are looking for a significant quantity. And don't let the rain deter you. In fact, picking in the greenhouse during a rain can be a transcendent experience. Well, ok... maybe not transcendent exactly, but certainly a touch magical.

Of course, there is nothing like the taste of a fresh raspberry right off the cane (yes, you can sample while picking), but they also add incredible flavor to baked desserts. One of our favorites is Apple- Raspberry Oat Crumble from the King Arthur cook book.

With elderberries and aronia finishing up last week, raspberries are the final fruit of the season at Bug Hill Farm, and they should last well into late October. We are sorry to see the Aronia end; we had quite a few new and seasoned pickers this year, who added some great new ideas to our aronia receipe repertoire.

Raspberry Picking

Hours: weekends 9 to 5; Closed Mondays. Tuesday - Friday by appointment or chance. Always best to call ahead to check on availability.

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