Bug Hill Farm is a small berry farm in Ashfield, MA. We are best known for our PYO berries, fruit cordials, shrubs, and conserves. We craft our products from local fruit (including some of our black currants, raspberries and aronia) other mostly organic berries, and honey or organic sugar. We manage our land following organic and regenerative practices to grow nutrient dense berries and to foster native habitat for wildlife and pollinators. 

Starting our second year....

We are very excited to be starting our second year living and working at Bug Hill Farm. 

Hope to see you at the farm!

- Sam and Charlotte 

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What's Currant on the Farm - August 10, 2108

Many Birds - Few Blueberries

Bug Hill Farm seeks to nurture native pollinators and other wildlife, together with wild and cultivated berries. Our diverse habitat - mature forest, early succession woodland, 3-ace pond, open fields - makes the farm a bird - and birders' - paradise. Many of our berry crops thrive in harmony with our feathered friends, who don't seem to appreciate the tartness of black currants and aronia, eat surprisingly few black raspberries and have a difficult, though not impossible, time navigating our high tunnel for fall raspberries. Blueberries, however, are another story. We harvested many dozens of pounds from our early bushes, but suddenly all those ripening berries on our later rows are disappearing as soon as they turn brilliant blue. Why now? Perhaps having cleaned out the native blues, (cedar waxwings, looking like masked bandits, were especially ravenous) the birds are turning their attention to the cultivated berries. The bushes are young, and with time they will produce enough to feed both birds and pickers. For this year it appears that our blueberry harvest is pretty much over, but if you are looking for just a few pints, give us a call and we will set up a time for you to pick.

So...in summary:
Black Currants, Black Raspberries and Blueberries (pretty much) are finished for the season

But the Fall Raspberries are coming along earlier than last year and should be ready soon. We do have limited picking now, but you need to call to reserve a time.

As always, our store is open for free tastings of our shrubs, black currant cordial and conserves.

Hours: weekends 9 to 5; weekdays by appointment or chance. Always best to call ahead to check on availability - 413-628-3980.

PYO Schedule
Currants: DONE
Black Raspberries: DONE
Blueberries: Pretty much DONE
Aronia: mid-August to early September
Fall Raspberries: mid August to late October
Elderberries: September - if the birds don't get them first


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