Bug Hill Farm is a small berry farm in Ashfield, MA. We are best known for our PYO berries, fruit cordials, shrubs, and conserves. We craft our products from local fruit (including some of our black currants, raspberries and aronia) other mostly organic berries, and honey or organic sugar. We manage our land following organic and regenerative practices to grow nutrient dense berries and to foster native habitat for wildlife and pollinators. 

Starting our second year....

We are very excited to be starting our second year living and working at Bug Hill Farm. 

Hope to see you at the farm!

- Sam and Charlotte 

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Spring on Bug Hill

After repeated April snows, spring has finally arrived. (Seems like summer didn't want to get left behind because temps went from 30 to 80 degrees to two days.)  After months of dormancy there is a palpable feeling of excitement in the air - Mother Nature saying "Time to move on."  Birds....buds...bulbs - all bursting with joy in their own spectacular way. We are happy to say it is contagious! The late arrival of spring did allow us to do some final pruning before bud break, and we've also been busy planting black currant cuttings and finishing spreading minerals on the fields.  Bring on the berry blossoms!

The Beaver Pond

One of the joys of spring on the farm is walking down to the beaver pond, finally clear of ice and alive with birds and wildlife - including, recently, a goose sitting on a nest on a beaver house.  It's fun to watch the beavers swim around but hard to catch them well on camera.  They must be hungry after a winter's hibernation, but there is surprisingly little evidence of fresh sapling cuttings.  There is, however, ample evidence of the beavers' ambition over the years, taking on trees of substantial girth.  One wonders:  do beavers have a way of signaling "timber" when one of these giant oaks starts to fall?  We built a new black locust bridge to make it easier to get to other side of the pond, so when you come to Bug Hill for a visit make sure you wander over there and try to find the "stone turtle" and enjoy the pond views. 

Spring hours:  By chance or appointment, please call (413) 628-3980


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