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We are closed for February and March 2017, and will not be shipping products until April. We apologize for the inconvenience.

All jams EXCEPT for Raspberry-Honey are sold out until next fruit season.

Berry Shrubs

Fruit-infused Sipping Vinegars

Shrubs originated in New England colonial traditions as thirst quenchers during haying season. No water is added to our recipe, so dilute in still or bubbly water, cocktail mixes, or with oil for salad dressings! Available flavors include: Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Brambleberry, Strawberry.
Please select your flavor in the delivery notes section of PayPal!

$12.99 + shipping, or 2 for $20. 8 fl oz. Refrigerate after opening.

bottle of Black Currant Cordial

Black Currant Cordial

"Kiss of Cassis"

Out of stock until summer 2017.Black currants. Honey. That's all. There is no added water or alcohol: we let you add your own favorite liquid to your particular taste. Read More...

$12.99 + shipping. 8 fl oz. Refrigerate after opening.

bottle of Rhubarb Rush

Rhubarb Rush

"Rha Rheummm"

Out of stock until summer 2017. Certified organic rhubarb. Honey. Ginger root. That's all! Great drizzled over salmon, then bake/grill as usual! Read More...

$12.99 + shipping. 8 fl oz. Refrigerate after opening.

jar of Black and Blue

Raspberry Honey Conserve

Our raspberry jam is made from last summer's 100% organic raspberries, so nothing else is added except honey. Because there is no sugar or pectin, it is a looser style jam perfect for sauces or toppings (but you can still use it on toast). Pure raspberry flavor!

$8.00 + shipping. 8 fl oz. Refrigerate after opening.



Currant Vodka Spritzer
1 shot each vodka & Kiss of Cassis™ Black Currant Cordial mixed in club soda with a squeeze of Meyer lemon

Drizzle over ginger ice cream, yogurt, or fresh fruit